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Skutek Instrumentation

SkuTek Instrumentation provides advanced Digital Data Acquisition (DDAQ) to both domestic and international research communities.

Our Chickadee-32 Digitizers at the LuxZeplin Dark Matter Experiment before Full Hookup of the PhotoMultiplier Tube Array

Our Products

High Sensitivity SiPM array for benchtop gamma ray measurements. This array can be powered and readout with any skutek digitizer.
The Solidago UDP Event Generator is a high-performance UDP streaming system that emulates an array of digitizers or data acquisition systems. The Solidago can generate sixteen 10 Gbps UDP streams with configurable packet and event formats. No tuning or low-level configuration required.
NEW 2-channel digitizer with detector bias supply. 14-bit digitization @ 100 Megasamples / second.
High-performance 10-channel digitizer with detector bias supply. 14-bit digitization @ 100 or 250 Megasamples / second
High channel count digitizer for advanced data acquisition. Runs the same firmware as the Digital Gammasphere Instrument at Argonne National Lab

News and Updates

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