SkuTek Instrumentation

SkuTek Instrumentation is dedicated to providing research community with advanced Digital Data Acquisition (DDAQ).

Presently, SkuTek offers several types of electronic devices, including an intelligent standalone 10-channel digitizer running Linux, and a 32-channel digitizer in VME format shown in the High Density Digitizer page linked at the left. Other digitizers and logic modules are under development.

We collaborate with Low Energy Nuclear Physics community. Please download the slides presented on August/25/2022 at the Virtual SBIR/STTR Exchange Meeting.

Our instruments are also used in students labs, where future scientists learn how to perform cutting edge experiments. Our products are used in experimental physics. We work in close collaboration with University of Rochester. We developed a data acquisition system for a next generation Dark Matter Search experiment at Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) at Lead, SD. The photograph of the VME crate with our 32-channel digitizers is shown below. It is currently deployed in the Davis Campus cave one mile underground and taking data since November 2019.

Our team of scientists and engineers is an excellent work environment that stimulates professional and personal growth. We offer flexible work hours and a generous retirement package.

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Updated Sept/06/2022.
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